Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift 02/2019

Nanna Kann-Rasmussen, Hans Dam Christensen, Jamie Johnston, Isto Huvila: Collaboration and Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums

Nanna Kann-Rasmussen, Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen: Autonomiparadokset i ABM

Roswitha Skare, Sigrid Stokstad, Andreas Vårheim: ABM-utvikling og avvikling: institusjonell konvergens og divergens i kulturpolitikken

Ole Marius Hylland: ABM-utviklings vekst og fall

Bodil Axelsson: Property, Licenses and Labor when Memory Institutions Converge with Informational Capitalism

Sara Nyhlén, Katarina L Gidlund: Lost in Translation – How Policy Enactment Get Stuck in the Digital Fix

Rasmus Grøn, Lise Kloster Gram: Deltagelsens paradoks

Patrick Prax, Björn Sjöblom, Lina Eklund, Niklas Nylund, Olle Sköld: Drawing Things Together: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of a Cross-LAM Approach to Digital Game Preservation and Exhibition

Staffan Albinsson: Breaking New Ground

Maria Hirvi-Ijäs: Constance DeVereaux (ed.): Arts and Cultural Management – Sense and Sensibilities in the State of the Field

Pasi Saukkonen: Joakim Ruist: Global migration – orsaker och konsekvenser

Call for Thematic Issue 2/2021

Call for Papers