Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift 01/2021

Louise Ejgod Hansen: Nyt og gammelt. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift som mødested for den kulturpolitiske forskning

Geir Vestheim: Cultural Radicalism versus Christian Conservatism: Political Controversies in Literary Nation Building in Norway, 1863-1938

Sigrid Røyseng: The Cartesian Paradox in Norwegian Cultural Policy

Outi Salonlahti: Twists and turns – The careers of Finnish disabled and Deaf artists

Christian Peck-Thorsted, Johan Kruse: The regional venues as a tool for subsidising rhythmic music

Trine Bille, Sidsel Kjems: Mapping Church Economy in the Nordic Countries, England and Scotland

Bjarki Valtysson: Ragnar Audunson, Herbjørn Andresen, Cicilie Fagerlid, Erik Henningsen, Hans-Christoph Hobohm, Henrik Jochumsen, Håkon Larsen and Tonje Vold (ed.): Libraries, Archives and Museums as Democratic Spaces in a Digital Age

Linnéa Lindsköld, Heidi Stavrum: Geir Vestheim (1946–2021)