Hälsning från Al Jaleel i Libanon

En hälsning från Children of Al Jaleel Center in Waivel camp (CJC) i Libanon. Bilderna är från projektet Think and Play som PGS var med och stödde. Det gav över 450 barn, palestinska flyktingar i Libanon, palestinska och syriska flyktingar från Syrien att leka tillsammans och åka på utflykt.

”My name is Bisan, I’m 9 years old. I was living in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. I always choose to join the handicraft group in CJC /  Waivel Camp. On 22nd of August was my birthday, because there is no space in my home I did birthday party at the center in participation of my friends and my family also. We dance, song and ate cake with juice.

But today I’m very sad, because the next week my friends will go to UNRWA school in the camp while I’m not, because when we fled from the war in Syria to Lebanon, we entered Lebanon illegally. The school refused to register us my sister and I because we don’t have legal paper knowing that we were registered last year at UNRWA School. I do not know the real reason. My dad doesn’t have money to pay for General Security in Lebanon to be legally in Lebanon.”

Stöd Palestinainsamlingen pg 90 11 57 – 8

Swish: 123 9011578