Merry Christmas – Happy New Year

The Social Development Center (SDC) and the The Local Committee for Rehabilitation (LCR) in Askar Camp send you our best greetings for Christmas and the New Year. In Palestine where the Prince of Peace was born, SDC and The Local Committee for Rehabilitation continue working hard for justice and for everlasting peace that is built on the basis of human values.
Today, humanity is being asked to take a stand in saving human values that are being threatened and in danger. Steadfastly, the SDC and LCR continue to bring hope and dreams to a number of youth, children, women and disabled in Askar area, the main goal for us is to encourage and empower them in a culture of Peace.
We wish that the upcoming year will help transform our planet into a better place to live in, through all of our efforts together. Living in Palestine, we are always reminded that the main message of Christmas is the message of Peace and Justice.

Greetings from us all/Amjad Rfaie

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016